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~ What is the Wood Angels?

The Wood Angels are a volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit charity of individuals whose mission is to furnish elderly, veterans, disabled and those in need who have a limited income for essentials such as firewood to keep them warm throughout the winter season.

~ How is the Wood Angels funded?

The organization is self-funded. We have great community support. We receive contributions and donations from private parties, as well as businesses (monetary or otherwise).


~ How do I have wood donated to me?


You will need to call the office number of 209-257-9667 and leave a message with your name and phone number.  Please speak slow and clearly and repeat your phone number.  you will get a return phone call to discuss your situation, and see if you qualify for our program.


~ Who qualifies for a load of wood to be donated to them?


We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 and we are here to help the people of Amador county that are in need of firewood that fall under the categories of: Low income Seniors/elderly, low income Veterans, low income families, and residents that are disable.

~ How much does the Wood Angels charge for their wood and services?

Wood Angels do not charge for firewood or own services. However, they DO accept contributions/donations to help cover costs, such as fuel for delivering, equipment repairs, chain sharpening, replacement of equipment as needed and also fuel for equipment.

~ Are you comparable to other tree companies?

Wood Angels are not “competition” to commercial tree and firewood companies. We have a list of private licensed contractors who the homeowner can contract with to take down donated trees. It is usually up to the private party to pay for the cost of felling a tree that requires a licensed cutter.  The Wood Angels do not sell firewood.  Check our donation page.

~ How is eligibility determined?

Recipients eligibility is determined by the Wood Angels Board of Directors. Recommendations/requests for firewood delivery come from various sources; including word of mouth, Hospice, local churches, local organizations, Senior Center, etc.

~ How do I know if I qualify for your program?

We will walk you through an approval process to see if you qualify for our program. 

~ How much wood can be donated to me in a season?


Recipients receive between 1 to 1 1/2 cords of wood per season.

~ How much wood is donated to me at one time?

It is about half a cord or a pickup truck load.

~ Can you add me to a yearly list to get the wood delivered?

It is the Recipients’s responsibility to call each winter (Our season starts mid September)  and request wood again if needed.

~ What if I see one of the Wood Angels volunteers out and about in the county, can I order my wood that way?

No, I am sorry we are not a tree service or a firewood service. We do not take orders.  All wood deliveries must be scheduled through the Wood Angels Secretary.  You can call the Wood Angel office at 209-257-9667 to apply for our program.

~ Do the Wood Angels take donations of dropped or fell trees still in tree form or long logs?

The Wood Angels does not fell trees.  Donated wood needs to be on the ground and accessible by truck and trailer.  If your trees are bucked into 14-16 inch rounds you will move up on the priority list.   We also do not clean up brush associated with donated wood.


~ What types of wood does the Wood Angels take by way of donations?

The Wood Angels prioritize wood donations in the order of oak, madrone, cedar and pine.

~ How do the Wood Angels take donated wood?


The best way we take wood is already bucked into rounds and easy to  manage for transport and splitting. 

~ How many inches should the rounds be?


14-16 inches.  Most of our clients have wood burning stoves and the opening to put the wood into the stove is 14-16 inches.

~ Are the Wood Angels a tree service and will they take down trees in my yard if it is to help my insurance situation?


No, we are not a tree service so we don't take trees down.

~ Can I volunteer for the Wood Angels?

Yes, we need volunteers in many different ways. We need help with cutting, splitting, moving, stacking, loading and delivering just to name a few.

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