In 2007, two friends, Larry Reed and Ralph Vogal of Pioneer California began cutting firewood for their personal need out of necessity, as they were retired on fixed incomes. While splitting wood, they were constantly approached by other retired fixed income residents. They all would inquire about the wood and expressed they were in desperate need of firewood as winter would be fast approaching but could not afford and/or were physically unable of gathering their own wood. From that day on the two men never stopped cutting wood for those in need. With no money to give, wood recipients would donate whatever they could to return the favor. A gallon of gas, a broken chain saw, oil, canned food; anything they had to keep the two men cutting and splitting wood. Soon the community named them the “Wood Angels.” Both men passed on in 2015. To carry on their mission the remaining volunteers  established a non-profit 501 (c) 3 to carry on the Wood Angels project in their honor.

We are still serving Amador County, California today. The purpose of the Wood Angels is to provide free firewood to seniors, veterans, low income, disabled residents that are in need and struggle to stay warm in the winter. We are always looking for volunteers, trees, and equipment! In 2019/2020 winter season we have donated over 325 cords of wood.

The Founders- Ralph and Larry with a few of the volunteers

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